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God Never Left No-Man's Land

Posted by: JungleMissionary at 3:01 pm on November 3rd, 2014

I am drinking my first cup of what will be many cups of coffee today. I have beaten the sunrise by several hours. My bag is packed, my water bottle is filled, and my boots are ready. By the time you receive this letter our team will be headed into one of the hottest spots, both physically and politically, in the Amazon jungle. Our trip will require us to cross a literally "No-man's" land, an area that has been highly volatile over the last several months. Over one period just a few weeks ago there were four houses burned down and several locals killed over land disputes. Up until just 14 days ago the entrance into the area was prohibited to everyone, not just outsiders.

We will be driving down to where the road ends into the massive Rio Morona. Upon arrival we will be changing our mode of travel from 4x4 to dugout canoes. After a few hours of being tossed about on the large river, we will fork off onto a small and rocky tributary called the Kusumi. The last time we visited this particular area we had the privilege of pushing our canoe for 9 hours all the way to our destination. Our three days are planned accordingly, VBS for the kids, Bible school for the leaders, and nightly evangelistic campaigns. Then we will repeat the whole process, until we are back with our wives and children in our jungle outpost of Sucua.

It is at times like these that we do not simple "request" your prayers, but we "covet" them. Safe travels, favor with locals, protection for our families, but most of all open hearts to the message of Christ. We can make this journey and will continue to do so, not for money, or fame. But because we know that even though everyone else has fled the area, He never left.

Your Missionaries,

Joil and Leah Marbut